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Group Home Pathways

New Foundations Home for Children offers a Group Care Intensive Services program focused on meeting therapeutic needs while simultaneously developing independent living skills. The program serves males ages 15-21. While placed in the program, there is an increased focus on experiential learning based on the youth’s level of maturity and responsibility. The goal of the program is to prepare youth for eventual transition into an independent setting through verbal and hands-on instruction in various areas independence. GCIS – Pathways is an independent living program housed separately from the main site in a standalone house located Anderson, SC. Clients receive 24 hours awake supervision with a 1:5 staff to client ratio.

In the Pathways program, we provide for all needs of the youth while supporting them in their journey towards independence.  The program enables youth to receive individual and group instruction in living skills such as money management, housing, employment, nutrition/culinary arts, social issues, health/ hygiene, transportation and community resources.

Pathways clients are also supported in completing their education through various community partners such as Anderson School District 5, Adult Education, South Carolina Department  Vocational Rehabilitation and Tri-County Technical College.   Tutoring and educational credit recovery assistance are also available to assist clients in reaching educational goals though our Title One department. 

Pathways clients are encouraged to work in the community if their behavior and maturity level allows. Clients are assisted in obtaining skill level appropriate jobs in the community, transported to work and counseled regarding work ethic development while employed. Each client will participate in a Casey Life Skills Vocational Assessment to gauge interests and aptitude for future career goals.  Clients also receive hands-on instructing in daily meal preparation and planning. Utilization of community resources to meet client needs and increase awareness of services for our clients is a priority.  

In an effort to meet our client therapeutic needs, each client receives intensive case management including assessment of needs, linkage to resources to enhance their ability to meet objectives and monitoring to assess progress toward goals.  Each client is assigned a Master’s level counselor who will focus on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT) as appropriate and aid clients in processing individual therapeutic needs. 

Clients are referred by the SC Department of Social Services or the SC Department of Juvenile Justice. For referrals, contact the NFHFC Admissions Department.

Interested in Employment Opportunities with the GCIS-Pathways program? CLICK HERE.

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