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In Empowering Families, community-based prevention services are provided to strengthen the protective factors, or positive qualities in families.  The services develop skills, personal characteristics, knowledge, relationships, and opportunities to help individuals and families deal with challenges and difficulties experienced in school, work, and life.

What are protective factors?

  • Nurturing and Attachment – When parents and children have strong, healthy feelings for one another, children trust their parents will provide what they need to thrive; including love, acceptance, positive guidance, and protection.

  • Knowledge of Child Development – Parents who understand how children grow and develop are able to provide an environment where children can reach their potential.

  • Parental Resilience – The ability to effectively manage all types of challenges that occur in life is crucial for parents.  Parents who are able to manage stress and function well are less likely to direct anger and frustration toward their children.

  • Social Connections – Having a sense of connectedness with constructive, supportive persons and with the community provides encouragement and assistance in meeting the daily challenges of raising a family.

  • Support for Parents – Parents who are able to identify and access resources to meet their basic needs including food, clothing, and shelter ensure the health and well-being of their children.

EF strengthens families by giving them a voice and a choice.  Strengths-based services are centered around the needs of each individual family.  Focusing on the positive qualities every family has, the program supports the family as they identify and change habits and behaviors that challenge their ability to function in a healthy manner.

Families with one or more children at risk of being removed from the home are referred to Empowering Families (EF) by DSS. Families referred to EF are notified by DSS. The service is voluntary and free to the public.

Interested in Employment Opportunities with NFHFC? CLICK HERE.

The NFHFC Family Centered Community Support Service (FCCSS) program is a partner in the Justice Works Behavioral Care Network.  For more information on Justice Works Family of Services, check out their WEBSITE.

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