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Thanks Giving 2022


Autumn 2022

As the leaves start to fall and we turn our thoughts to turkey, I like to turn my thoughts to the generosity of our community. Each year we are amazed by your thoughtfulness. And so are the youth and families you impact. There are adolescents like Matthew who has been in and out of New Foundations Home for Children for years while his mother works on her addiction issues. Your compassion has brought him to a place where he can receive the therapy and support he needs to navigate this tumultuous life. His story is not unique amongst the kids we serve.

Unfortunately, what is also not unique is the rising number of youths we have seen this past year who have been trafficked by their “loved ones.” Found in motel rooms across the state, hungry and anxious, these teens rarely have anyone looking out for, or even looking, for them.

In both cases, you provide security their families cannot. You also provide the items that many teens we see have never had – a birthday cake, a personal pillow and blanket, undergarments and pajamas, holiday gifts, a private bed without unwanted pests (or predators), personal hygiene products, school supplies, haircuts, and, most importantly, concrete proof that they matter.

Our staff, who deal with very tough, mentally taxing issues every day, the youth who struggle with emotions and trauma no one should have to live with, and I personally, thank you. You have no idea of the service you do for the community.

We expect 2023 to be even more challenging for our resources. But we know we can continue to depend on you to make the future better for these troubled adolescents and families. By giving, you let them know that they have value to you so they can start to value themselves and heal. What more could we be thankful for?

Please give as generously as you are able. 

Stay well,

Steve Dean

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